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IEI has broad environmental experience, which allows us to proactively identify, manage, and mitigate risk for our clients. Our staff includes ecologists, biologists, Certified Industrial Hygienists, and Certified Hazardous Materials Managers who can provide consulting, testing, management planning, safety oversight, abatement planning, abatement monitoring, abatement oversight, and clearance testing for:

Our Industrial Hygiene specialties include training, safety audits and program development, respirator fit testing, hazard communication, and OSHA compliance.


NASA: Industrial Hygiene and Radiation Protection Services

IEI is currently providing Industrial Hygiene and Radiation Protection Services for the Goddard Space Flight Center. Under this contract, IEI staff provide on-site Industrial Hygiene services and manage the Radiation Protection Program. Specific tasks include routine industrial hygiene surveys; Indoor Air Quality assessments; respiratory protection support; monitoring of personnel and areas; inventory of and storage of radioactive sources; shipping receipt, and transfer of radioactive sources; radioactive waste disposal; decontamination; and emergency response. We also provide administrative support through information management and reporting, attending meetings and providing consultations, and recordkeeping.

Department of Labor: Safety and Environmental Audits

IEI performs safety and environmental audits for Job Corps Centers nationwide on behalf of the Department of Labor. Our work includes quarterly inspections to monitor hazard communications, hazardous material storage, medicine storage and security, medical waste disposal, food sanitation, equipment and machine safety, housekeeping, building maintenance, and fire and life safety. We also provide emergency response for all sites as needed, recordkeeping review and accident investigation to develop strategies for improving safety and to ensure compliance with applicable OSHA regulations.