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IEI understands the importance of efficiency and cost savings associated with facilities operations and maintenance. IEI provides the measures to meet maximum efficiency and help you meet you’re your facility’s budgetary goals. We accomplish this by first fully understanding the goals of our clients and their needs, then implementing industry best practices and our proven facilities technology while capitalizing on our knowledgeable staff experience.

IEI has the capability to provide general maintenance, operations, building control systems diagnostics, and facilities support services to maintain the proper operation and value of government owned/ operated properties located worldwide. Our maintenance staff includes personnel who can respond to maintenance and building needs at secure sites on a global basis.

Our personnel can perform the complete array routine and emergency maintenance services to respond to our clients’ facilities’ needs:

Interior Building Maintenance and Upkeep

Support Services

Exterior maintenance

Building Systems

Access to Secure Work Areas

Energy Management & Auditing


Drug Enforcement Administration: Facilities Support Services

Under this contract, IEI ensures safety and health compliance for DEA facilities. We maintain databases, perform detailed recordkeeping, and develop newsletters and training programs to identify needs for maintenance or service of facilities and equipment. Our extensive reporting duties include providing the results and related recommendations for laboratory inspections, testing equipment maintenance, health hazard assessments, OHSA inspections, and ergonomic assessments.